In ancient African communities, the sound of the crier’s trumpet — usually  made of animal horn — was a call to action. The Afrikan Trumpet is a modern-day village crier’s call to take matters of our continent into our own hands through storytelling, news analysis, and unapologetic commentary.

For too long we Africans have sat back and complained that western media’s coverage of us is overly negative, and often inaccurate. We at the Afrikan Trumpet think it’s time to stop complaining and do something about it.

It’s unrealistic to expect foreign media to give our continent positive coverage because they don’t know us. We have to be the ones to define ourselves, for only we know ourselves best. As the old African saying goes, “Until lions have their own storytellers, the tale of the lion hunt shall always glorify the hunter.”

The Afrikan Trumpet invites you to be part of this movement to tell our story, either by contributing, or by sharing the stories you’ll see here.