Kwesi Wilson, Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief

Screenshot 2016-03-14 19.35.50Kwesi Wilson is social commentator, critic, and a blogger. He was born in Ghana and  moved to the San Francisco Bay Area twenty years ago. Wilson has remained committed the progress of the people from his native land and that of his adopted homeland.

He describes himself as a pan-Africanist. He has a Master’s degree in Communications (Rhetorical Studies) from California State University, East Bay. He is also a certified personal fitness trainer.

Edwin Okong’o, Co-founder & Managing Editor

okongo-mug0.44Edwin Okong’o is a storyteller by any medium necessary. He is an award-winning journalist, humorist, satirist, and cartoonist. Okong’o received his Master’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied radio, newspaper, magazine, and online multimedia storytelling and editing.

Okong’o’s journalistic work, provocative commentaries, and stand-up comedy performances have appeared in numerous media across the world. He is the winner of several honors, including a Webby Award for his short documentary, Kenya: Sweet Home, Obama.

Baba Nani, Humor & Satire Editor

Screenshot 2016-03-15 14.15.39

All you need to know about Baba Nani is that he is from FARAWAY (Federation of Afrikan Republics Against Women And Youth). A true Afrikan polygamist, Baba Nani lives in exile — under the guise of a monogamous family man — in the Unforgiving States of America.

In the Swahili language his names mean “father of so and so”, a subliminal hint that he probably has a half a billion children FARAWAY. He writes about the challenges of being an Afrikan father in a world that is no longer Afrikan.